Mommy's Letter to William Ethan Morgan

My dear sweet baby Will,

I loved you before you were even conceived.  I will never forget the moment I knew you were growing in my belly.  I was singing and dancing and could not wait to share the news.  I thanked God for you every day and focused on loving every moment that we had to share.  My heart grew over the past 10 months to allow me to experience a love that I never knew possible.  Each day my love for God grew because of the miracle he allowed us to share.  I had more love for your father who cared for the two of us with more dedication and concern than I had ever seen.  I had more love for you who brought more joy into my life than I ever knew possible.  Yes the past 10 months have been the best 10 months of my life.

I know that you are with God today.  I may not understand his plan but I do know that if he needed someone full of love he choose the right boy to help him.  Your daddy and I love you so dearly but that is just the beginning.  You have grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and even perfect strangers who have been moved by your journey.  You, my sweet precious William, have in your short little life been loved more than many who have very long lives.  You have inspired so many of us to be better people and to make the most of the lives and our physical health that we sometimes take for granted.   We are so very proud of you.

I am your mommy and you are my son - the son that I prayed for and loved while you were here on earth.  I know that I will long to have you in my arms until the day I see you in heaven.  Until then, I must accept that you are with God in a much better place.   As hard as we tried to keep you to ourselves it looks like God too knew that you were an amazing person even before you were born.

Daddy and I will always love you.  

Hugs and Kisses,


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pictures of Baby Will being stabilized....


Amy AKA "Baba" said...

What a cutie! He looks great! I look forward to more updates.

Mandy Li said...

He is so beautiful!!! Congratulations guys. Heather, we are so happy that you can rest now. Sweet dreams of handsome baby Will! :) - Mandy & Charlie

Mark and Zee said...

He's big and beautiful! Congratulations! Thoughts and prayers for the next leg of the journey.

kmm0305 said...

He looks great--what a big boy! We'll continue praying as now the real fight begins.

David and Sosaan said...

Congrats, and good luck with the next phase!

Liz Rich said...

Precious! Definitely looks like a fighter!

A-1 Absolute Contractors said...

Welcome to the world little Will!!!

Chris said...

Dearest William,
I love you so much. There are so many people who love you. So many people have been praying for you.

Your Daddy would always ask Grandpa if he were excited. We're all very excited now to see you born. Please keep breathing.
I can't wait to play with you. When you're ready, I'm sure we'll be playing with trains and building with legos. You have several cousins who definitely want to play with you. Benjamin has the toys all ready for you. Michael James will probably want to get you started on trumpet or guitar soon. Among the many things that Daniel will share with you will be his love of knowledge and truth. Emily and I can't wait to sing with you. Your Grandma and I can't wait to read with you. Your Daddy, Uncle Michael, and Grandpa will want to play golf with you. Your Mommy already has said that being your Mommy is the best thing in the world. You are going to love your parents so much. They are wonderful people. What we all look forward to so much is just spending time with you and giving you a big, gigantic, enormous hug.
When you're all grown up, I'm sure you'll look back on all of this and wonder why everyone was so worked up and worried. Always remember that we love you so very, very much. With love, Aunt Chris

Our Home Team said...

Congratulations to you both. Heather, you did a great job. Baby Will is a doll. Now we'll turn our attention to him and his recovery.

Carole, Bob and Drew

Jennifer said...

He is beautiful and he looks great! I will continue to keep you in my prayers as the next journey begins. I hope you can get some much needed rest.

pritch said...

He's a beautiful baby - congratulations!!! -Terry

Anonymous said...

He's gorgeous, Heather and Matt! We are praying for your family.

Owain's mommy said...

Heather and Matt congratulations!
Will is adorable!
I will be praying for Will and the two of you while your CDH roller coaster ride takes off.

Will keep can beat CDH


Mommy of Owain LCDH

Karla Holt said...

Congratulations! He is beautiful. He will continue to amaze you. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Karla, Mom of Braden (RCDH survivor)

Elizabeth said...

Was Dad excited - oh yes he was - you did a wonderful job Matt!

Keeping that handsome boy in my thoughts, prayers and LUNG FUNCTION chants,

mummy to angel SKYLA said...

Congratulation Heather and Matt. He is so beautiful. He certainly looks like a fighter.

Mummy to Angel ^^SKYLA^^ LCDH

aomorgan said...

Will, Matt Heather we love you all and are praying for you.
Rob Alana Judy Jared

Brad, Kellie, Lucy and Baby Carter said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! We're sending lots of prayers and good thoughts your way.

Carter is cheering for Will :)

JRM said...

Congratulations and blessings--all of you are in our prayers. Jonathan Rotondo-McCord

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Matt and Heather.

Chris said...

A Poem for Will as he makes his way to the angels
written by Emily Morgan
Where there's a will there's a way.
But what exactly is that way?
What do you do when someone brand new, can barely begin his life today?
How do you find a reason to shine, when everything seems so gray?

People come and go
As the seasons change
Some affecting our hearts
While others affect our brains

Life begins to turn
Tumbling, oh so fast, what I would give to give you that first breath.

Will, will, will, will
It will happen
Things will look up
Life will mean something
Life will be a game

A game of empty conversations
Or afternoons filled with wonder
Jam sessions or rockouts
Humming along or singing bold and proud.

You knew a world that was safe and secure
A world without guns, knives, and bad guys
Those nine months in your mother's womb will always be remembered
For it was longer than the month of September.
You fought with all your willpower
You fought with all your heart
You knew these people love you, you never gave up.

You haven't been here long
You haven't been here enough
We don't want you to leave, but the fighting is just too tough.

Thank you for sharing your time
For filling up our lives
Thank you for this mystery that keeps us all alive
Thank you for your fingers that I wish I could feel in my hand.

One day I will meet you again;
On that day we can share the stories
On that day we can share the joys
On that day we can share the laughter
And as an angel you will help us share the love.

Don't complain about tomorrow
For it hasn't come
Don't complain about yesterday
Because far worse things have been done
Don't wish it were over
Don't wish it would past
Live in the moment
And will for that moment to last.

You were the will we had all been looking for
Now help us find the way that you were meant for.

mummy to angel SKYLA said...
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Candice said...

Congratulations! He is just perfect!

Brian and Cassi Reed said...

Congrats!!! Looks very good we will keep up on your blog and our prayers go out to your family.

Kenny and Jennifer Miller said...

Congratulations Heather and Matt - Will is adorable!!

Jen Miller

FaithCDH said...

What a beautiful little guy! I will continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.